Cookie Exchange

The cookie exchange can take on many forms. It can be family-friendly, adult only, or even women only! That's why it's fun - there are no rules. You can make them up and have your party just the way you want it! At the end of the day, it's all about having some yummy cookies.

I have never been to or hosted one of these, but it is in my plans for this year!

Here are some basic ideas and tips to get yours started:

- Have everyone bring a set amount of cookies (depending on the nature of your party).

- You could have a "sampler" party where all cookies are eaten at the party and everyone will get one or two.

- Or, you could have everyone make several dozen so each person or family will have an assortment of cookies to take home. (A half dozen times the number of guests or a dozen times the number of families)

-You can have a highly organized venture, where the cookies are dispersed evenly or you can just have everyone pile their cookies on a single table and dig in!

- If you are looking to have a little competitive fun, have a voting contest to determine the best cookie! You might want to have a small prize for the winner.

- Another idea is to have everyone make several dozen cookies and not eat them there so each family or person can take them home. You could serve appetizers and drinks in leiu of the cookies.

- Ask everyone bring copies of their recipes to the party (unless it's a family secret!).

- Have everyone bring a canned food to donate.

- Be sure to serve a great holiday drink such as eggnog or cider along with the regular line up of beverages. (Don't forget the milk!)

- If you're looking to have an "all girls" exchange, check out Robin's Christmas Cookie Exchange. She has some wonderful "rules" and tips for hosting an exchange.