DIY Christmas Ideas

Here are some, fun, crafty, and creative ideas to get your home lookin' good for the holidays.
Also be sure to check out
our outdoor ideas at the bottom of the page!

Ornament Wreath
• If you have quite a few extra ball ornaments with no place to go, make a wreath out of them. Buy a foam wreath at a craft store and hot glue your ornaments to it and voilà – a beautiful accent to your décor!

Shabby White Pinecones
• For a shabby chic centerpiece or accent to your décor, spray-paint a handful of pinecones white. Then, use sandpaper for that shabby look. Finish the centerpiece by placing them in a white bowl or on a white platter.

Ribbon "V"
• Attach two long pieces of ribbon to the top corners of a hutch or cabinet. Then, attach the ends of those two pieces by tying them to a single ornament. Then end result is a subtle, unique, v-shape made of traditional holiday décor.

Ribbon Chain
• Make a ribbon chain this year to count down the days. A little more décor friendly than the original paper chain, it can serve as a family craft and will also be much easier on the eyes.

Natural Candles
• Spice up your candles! Use a hot glue gun or small pins to attach berries, leaves, cinnamon sticks, tiny ornaments, pinecones, or anything else that speaks of the holiday season. Be creative!

Tissue Snowflakes
• Make paper snowflakes out of tissue paper. Afterwards, lightly spray your window with water and the paper flakes will stick. Cute, fun, and inexpensive!

Ice Luminaries

You will need:

• Small plastic bucket (such as a gallon ice cream bucket)
• Small evergreen branches (real or artificial)
• Citrus fruit slices and small bunches of grapes
• Clear plastic disposable cup
• Duct tape
• Votive candle

1. Line sides and bottom of bucket with greens and fruit.
2. Place plastic cup in the middle so that the top of the cup is level with the top of the bucket (you may have to add extra branches below the cup). Continue filling in fruit and greens between the cup and the sides of the bucket
3. Place two pieces of duct tape in an “x” shape across the bucket opening to keep
the cup from floating around.
4. Fill the open area between the cup and bucket with water.
5. Put the bucket in a freezer or sit outside until frozen. (This should take between 8 and 24 hours)
6. After it is frozen, set bucket in sink filled with hot water to loosen.
7. Remove duct tape and slide out ice luminary.
8. Set the luminary outside and place the candle inside the cup and light.

Rag Ball Ornaments

You will need:

• Styrafoam balls
• Pins (with decorated or undecorated end caps – your choice)
• Thin strips of fabric
• Sequins, shapes made out of felt, beads - be creative!
• Ribbon for hanging

1. Stick a pin through a strip of fabric and then into the ball. Wrap the fabric around the ball and put another pin in at the end to secure in place.
2. Cover the rest of the ornament with fabric strips until the ball is covered.
3. If you have chosen to add embellishments, stick a pin through them and secure them to the ball. This project invites a lot of creativity.. Anything goes!

Natural pinecone tree

You will need:

• Cone-shaped foam
• Pinecones
• Small Floral Picks
• Optional container
• Optional sheet moss

1. If you have chosen to put the tree in a container, first secure the foam to the container
2. Begin making the tree by using the wire to attach the pinecones to the picks.
3. When you push the picks in the tree, do it at a little bit of an angle, pointing downwards
4. Also, work from the bottom to the top, using bigger cones at the bottom and smaller ones towards the top.
5. If the foam is visible after you are done, you can cover it with sheet moss.

Sequined Ornament

You will need:

• Foam ball (any size you choose, most common is medium)
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• ¾ yard ribbon
• Straight pins
• 2 boxes jeweled straight pins with decorative end caps (i.e. pearl ends)
• Sequins
• Beads in various sizes
(Be sure to plan and match all of your colors together beforehand!)

1. Paint the foam ball and let dry.
2. Wrap ribbon around the ball once, secure in place with pins.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the ball in the other direction, crossing at the top and bottom of the ball. Secure that with pins as well.
4. Add a loop for hanging with the extra ribbon and secure to the top of the ornament with a decorative pin.
5. Place varying combinations of beads and sequins on the pins and stick into the foam ball.
6. Make some sequins flat against the ball, add larger beads in combination with sequins for a three-dimensional look.

Ideas for your feathered friends

Use the classic pinecones spread with peanut butter then rolled in birdseed to hang on the branches of a tree.

Corn Garland

You will need:

• Mini corn ears
• Metal screw eyes
• String

1. Twist an eye into one end of each of your corn pieces.
2. Loop them through the string one by one and tie in place as you go.

Peanut Wreath

You will need:

• Galvanized wire
• Some peanuts
• Something to hang the wreath with (ribbon, twine, etc)

1. Thread the peanuts through the wire at the centers, where the peanut is thinner. 2. Bend the wire into a circle shape and twist the ends together to finish.
3. Hang outside with ribbon, twine, or whatever you choose.

Popcorn Stars

You will need:

• Wire cutters
• Needle-nose pliers
• 18-guage aluminum wire
• Ruler
• Popped popcorn

1. Cut two 12-inch pieces of wire and one 16-inch piece of wire Fill the mold or pie tin halfway with water.
2. Using the pliers, twist two 12-inch pieces and one 16-inch piece of wire together at their centers to form a star shape.
3. Slide the popcorn onto each end, leaving a little space on the end of the long wire to make a loop to hang from.
4. Twist or loop the end of each wire to keep the popcorn in place.
5. Hang on a tree of bush using the looped end of the long wire.

Mini Ice Wreaths

You will need:

• Gelatin ring molds or mini pie tins and disposable plastic cups
• Water
• String
• Any or all of the following:
• Cranberries
• Orange peel
• Birdseed
• Leaves, sticks, etc.

1. Use a ring mold or place a plastic cup in the middle of a pie tin. (If you use the cup and pie tin, make sure to put water in the cup so it doesn’t float!)
2. Fill the mold or pie tin halfway with water.
3. Arrange the cranberries, orange peel birdseed, sticks, and leaves (or whatever you have chosen) in the water and let freeze until solid.
4. To remove the ice ring from the mold, run cold water over the back of the mold.
5. Loop and tie the string through the center of the ring and hang outside in a tree or bush.