Here are some simple, intuitive tips that will help to make your party an easy success.

- Accidents often occur because guests try to balance a plate or glass on the arm of a chair. Have some inexpensive, round particleboard tables ready and set them up around the house. Cover with a colorful piece of fabric or a small tablecloth. Accidents are less likely if your guests have places to sit items.

- BUT - put together a quick cleanup bucket before the party to just in case!
Include a can of stain remover for carpets and clothing, some baking soda, a bottle of club soda, towels, a handheld vacuum and other similar items.

- Pick up a couple of loaves of French bread and have them ready, should you need some extra appetizers. Just pour a little olive oil in a dish and add some Italian herbs for an instant appetizer.

- Make trash cans or bags well-placed and clearly marked.

- Clean out your fridge beforehand to make room for all the leftovers!

- Make sure you have enough ice to last the entire time.

- Don't let the dirty dishes take up space! After your dinner party, have a plastic storage or tupperware box put in all the glassware and a bigger, heavy duty box to put all the dishes in. Pots and pans can go in the cold oven.