Ice Luminaries

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You will need:

• A small plastic bucket (such as a gallon ice cream bucket)
• Small evergreen branches (real or artificial)
• Citrus fruit slices and small bunches of grapes
• Clear plastic disposable cup
• Duct tape
• Votive candle

1. Line sides and bottom of bucket with greens and fruit.
2. Place plastic cup in the middle so that the top of the cup is level with the top of the bucket (you may have to add extra branches below the cup). Continue filling in fruit and greens between the cup and the sides of the bucket
3. Place two pieces of duct tape in an “x” shape across the bucket opening to keep
the cup from floating around.
4. Fill the open area between the cup and bucket with water.
5. Put the bucket in a freezer or sit outside until frozen. (This should take between 8 and 24 hours)
6. After it is frozen, set bucket in sink filled with hot water to loosen.
7. Remove duct tape and slide out ice luminary.
8. Set the luminary outside and place the candle inside the cup and light.