Our Story

The Totally Christmas Story

Our story begins in the 1950’s, when our founder, Jeff Wandell discovered the beauty of Christmas at young age as he shopped for deals on festive, holiday trimmings for all his family. Since then, his love for Christmas has only continued to grow, leading him to open a local retail store called Prairie Gardens, which was followed by four more regional stores called Jeffrey Alans. 

Each holiday season, these stores undergo festively gorgeous transformations, overflowing with inspirational Christmas ideas and décor. And it was here that the name “TotallyChristmas” naturally arose in 1983 to describe the special ‘total’ Christmas experience that surrounds you the moment you enter our stores.

Pushing the desire to share Christmas inspiration even further, the creation of our new online store was carefully envisioned and launched, bringing the “Totally Christmas” experience to you. Just like our stores, our site brings you the newest and best in Christmas. So take a look around and find something you love to make your home perfect for the holidays.